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OptiBand publication in Connect World "A Way for Telcos to Move Beyond Bandwidth for IPTV"
by Sharon Mantin, Vice President, Marketing, Orckit Corrigent, published in Connect World
Read or download the article here or access the full version of the issue on http://www.connect-world.com/PDFs/magazines/2012/EMEA_2012.pdf
OptiBand project final EC review, 19 November 2012! The OptiBand project has been extended further and will finish at the end of October 2012. The final project review with the EC will be held in Brussels on 19 November 2012.
OptiBand project extended!!!

In order to ensure successful integration and testing of the OptiBand solution, the project duration has been extended by 3 months. Total duaration of the project is therefore 33 months, and it will be completed by the end of September 2012.

Second project year completed!!! The second year of the OptiBand project is now completed, and it is time for the second progress review. On 12-13 of March 2012 the project partners and the EC will meet at Telecom Italia's premises in Turin, Italy, for the progress review.

The project is now entering the important final months of the project duartion, including integration and field trials of the OptiBand solution.

FTW represents OptiBand at EuroView 2011!!! 11th Würzburg Workshop on IP: Joint ITG and Euro-NF Workshop "Visions of Future Generation Networks" (EuroView2011), 1-2 August 2011, Würzburg, Germany
FTW represented OptiBand at the event, presenting  a poster describing the OptiBand project, selected results of the first QoE testing campaign and lab facilities used.

See poster
FNM Cluster Concertation meeting, 13-14 December 2011 in Brussels!!!
OptiBand at NOSSDAV 2011!
OptiBand at the NEM Summit 2011 The Optiband project has been selected to exhibit at the NEM Summit, to be held on 27-29 September 2011 at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

OptiBand at IBC 2011 The OptiBand project is represented at the IBC 2011 event in Amsterdam, Holland byt its partner Irdeto B.V. The event is taking place 8-13 September 2011.
Project Meeting in Vienna! The 6th consortium meeting of the OptiBand project is taking place on 5-6 July 2011, hosted by FTW in Vienna, Austria.
OptiBand Project joined Facebook From now OptiBand project is also available on Facebook. To visit our page, please click here
Networked Media 7th FP7 Concertation Meeting & Future Media Networks cluster meeting, Trento, Italy, 14-15 April 2011 The OptiBand project attended the Networked Media 7th FP7 Concertation Meeting & Future Media Networks cluster meeting in Trento, Italy, 14-15 April 2011.

Periodic Project Review with the EC!

On March 29th the OptiBand project had it's first periodic review in Brussels, Belgium. The project was reviewed by the EC Project Officer Mr. Francisco Medeiros, accompanied by three external reviewers. During the review the progress and major achievements were presented and evaluated, and an interim demonstration took place.

OptiBand 4th Project meeting ! OptiBand partners are to meet on 1st-2nd February 2011, in Herzliya, Israel, to discuss the project's advancements and next steps. The meeting will be hosted by Optibase Technologies Ltd.
OptiBand at the ICT 2010 event! OptiBand will be one of the project reporesented at the Future Media Network cluster stand at the ICT 2010 event held in Brussels, 27-29 September 2010
OptiBand at the NEM summit 2010 !!

OptiBand will be represented at the NEM summit to be held October 13-15 in Barcelona, Spain, within the Future Media Network cluster stand located at booth #19. Come visit us!!

OptiBand 3rd Project Meeting OptiBand partners met for the 3rd time since the beginning of the project to assess the work done, and to plan the future activites. The meeting was hosted by Lambdastream in Coruna on 13-14 October 2010.
OptiBand at the IBC2010 exhibition!


OptiBand will be represented by its coordinator, Gal Mor, at the IBC2010 exhibition to be held 10-14 September in Amsterdam.
OptiBand will also figure at the IRDETO's booth (Hall 1 - Stand 1.D51) !!, and at the Fraunhofer HHI's booth (Hall 8 - 8.C81) !!
For further information, or to make contact with OptiBand's representatives at the event, please visit
IRDETO's dedicated page, or Fraunhofer HHI's dedicated page or directly contact Gal Mor
OptiBand 2nd Project Meeting

On 29-30 June 2010, OptiBand partners held their 2nd project meeting in Oulou, Finland. The meeting was hosted by VTT. The items discussed aimed at planning the work to be carried out in the coming year, and at assessing the progresses made by the consortium in its efforts to achieve OptiBand's objectives.


OptiBand joins the Future Media Networks Cluster!

In February 2010, OptiBand joined the Future Media Network (FMN) cluster of the Networked Media Systems FP7 Projects. 

Kick-Off of the OptiBand project!
On January 1st 2010 the OptiBand project started its work. The project Kick-Off Meeting was held in Tel-Aviv, Israel, on January 20-21, hosted by the Coordinator Orckit Communications Ltd. The project will run for 30 months, until the end of June 2012.

At A Glance: OptiBand
Optimization of Bandwidth for IPTV video streaming
Duration: January 2010 – June 2012
Funding scheme: STREP
Total Cost: 4,539,492
EC Contribution: 3,038,395
Contract Number: INFSO-ICT-248495
Project Coordinator:
Yossi Barsheshet
Orckit Communications Ltd
Tel: +972 36945480
Partners: Telecom Italia S.p.A (IT), Thomson Video Networks (FR), Irdeto B.V.(NL), Interoud Innovation SL (SP), FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien Betriebs-GMBH (AT), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V (DE), Valtion teknillinen tutkimuskeskus (FI), Optibase Technologies Ltd (IL), Universidade da Coruña (SP), Corrigent Systems Ltd (IL), ARTTIC Israel International Management Services 2009 LTD (IL)

Welcome To The OptiBand Project

IPTV provides telecommunication operators the opportunity to better serve the video market and better compete with the industry transition to HD (High Definition) and unicast video (e.g. Video on Demand), both creating challenges to the existing CATV (Cable TV) and SAT (Satellite) providers. One of the main challenges in IPTV is the line rate of the access lines, which is predominantly ADSL.

OptiBand will focus on optimizing the bandwidth of IPTV for the delivery of multiple HD streams over a single ADSL line, and by that enabling multiple HD channels per household.
OptiBand will conduct in-depth research and development regarding the efficient distribution of video content using smart data drop algorithm within the telecommunication aggregation networks, while preserving quality of experience according to both objective and subjective metrics.
While preserving existing IPTV networks models and leaving existing infrastructures intact, OptiBand will introduce innovative technology of encoding, streaming and transporting of video content from head-end sites, through the entire IPTV network, down to the home networks.
The consortium will conduct design, development, integration and demonstration of the video content data dropping algorithm. The video content data dropping algorithm technology will be introduced through simulations, lab integration and trial by real IPTV users in Telecom Italy.
In the global economy environment, cost optimization and investment protection are mandatory requirements for any business decision. Therefore, leveraging the European and worldwide existing ADSL deployments and providing seamless integration to existing solutions and encryption schemes are keys to the success of OptiBand.

OptiBand consortium gathers leading operator, vendors and research entities in order to consider the entire IPTV network, including economical aspects, of delivering premium video content over existing installed base.

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